Save Conwy Falls

Please help us keep the Conwy Falls and Fairy Glen safe from developers, protect their nationally important wildlife and ensure people can continue to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this magnificent area.

North Wales Wildlife Trust has submitted its response to a planning application (NP4/26/323A) to develop a 5MW hydro-electric scheme at Conwy Falls and the Fairy Glen, near Betws y Coed in Snowdonia. The development would involve construction of a weir above Conwy Falls, 1 km of rock tunnel, more than 1km of buried pipeline, buried powerhouse and road alterations on the A470(T) near the Fairy Glen Hotel, Betws y Coed. The initial application was rejected but now the developer is back with a revised (but little changed) application and we need your help to stop it!

Under threat
We recognise the need to diversify energy generation sources and reduce carbon emissions, but believe this is entirely the wrong place to site a hydro-electric scheme. The Afon Conwy is a jewel in the crown of Snowdonia National Park’s wild mountain rivers and this scheme proposes to dam and divert more than half the water flow for significant periods of the year.

There are many reasons to object to this proposal, which include:

• damage to the Fairy Glen Site of Special Scientific Interest
• the lack of knowledge about how low river flows will impact on rare lower plant communities
• impact on fish migration (which we do not believe will be compensated by a proposed fish pass)
• the destruction of ancient woodland and semi-natural marshy grassland and associated wildlife
• the impact of the dam on sedimentation, water quality and invertebrates such as the rare freshwater pearl mussel
• the lack of assessment of this scheme’s contribution to cumulative wildlife impacts with other HEP schemes in the river system
• and the fact that a scheme of this scale and complexity in an area of such high biodiversity and challenging terrain brings with it many unknowns and risks.

How you can help

Time is short! You can help by sending your own response in support of North Wales Wildlife Trust’s objection before 23rd September 2016.

You can download a sample objection letter below (we would encourage you to customise this yourself to maximize the impact of your submission)

  • Send your letter of objection to; Richard Thomas, Planning Officer, Snowdonia National Park Authority, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd LL48 6LF
  • Or email your objection to;
  • Or send your comments electronically to Snowdonia National Park Authority here

Please use the comments from North Wales Wildlife Trust response to inform your view.

Thank you for your support!

Include this reference: NP4/26/323A. Deadline: 23rd September 2016
If you objected last time, your previous objection will not be considered unless you send it in again.



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