Alun & Chwiler Living Landscape

Coed TrellyniauCoed Trellyniau (Lin Cummins)

Help us raise £65,000 to create a Living Landscape in the Alun and Chwiler Valleys.

The Rivers Alun (Alyn) and Chwiler (Wheeler) and their catchments support some of North-East Wales’s finest and most varied natural landscapes and species. However, in order to achieve our initial vision for these two living, breathing valleys – a three-year project connecting habitats, reviving rarities and bringing communities together – we needed to raise £330,000. Two recent approaches to grant providers have just yielded more than £265,000 towards this – wonderful news! However, this leaves us with £65,000 to raise – will you help?

Every £1 you give releases £4 pledged by our grant partners – and this is an opportunity that may never arise again.

This area of North Wales is truly special. Ancient woodlands host dormice, pied flycatcher and bats; Deptford pink and bee orchid bloom in lime-rich meadows; and the rivers and streams themselves provide fertile feeding ground for otters and water voles. So important are pockets of this land thPied flycatcherat many are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest and/or Special Areas of Conservation, whilst our own Coed y Felin, Coed Trellyniau, Y Graig, Aberduna and Y Ddôl Uchaf nature reserves balance wildlife protection and public appreciation.

However, these wonderful valleys are threatened places, and urgent action is needed. American mink compete with otters and predate water voles, whilst invasive Himalayan balsam clogs river banks and out-competes our native flowers. Agricultural by-products pollute the water,Dormouse with over-grazing and poaching damaging fragile river edges. And, perhaps more important than anything else in the long term, our patches of prime wildlife habitat exist only in isolation. Populations of wild plants and animals are constrained by artificial, human boundaries, unable to expand and flourish as they should.

The establishment of an Alun & Chwiler Living Landscape could change all this, and you can make it happen.

Seven years ago, donations from our supporters enabled us to establish a Living Landscape in the Anglesey Fens, with Cors Goch Nature Reserve its beating heart. We have been given the opportunity to build on this success in this new area of North Wales: helping wildlife to thrive alongside human activity in another conservation project on a landscape scale. The Alun and Chwiler Valleys can become life-lines for thriving communities of some of our most prized flora and fauna – but we need your help to make our vision a reality.

To create a Living Landscape in the Alun and Chwiler Valleys, please do one or more of the following:

1. Donate by card online:
2. Donate by text: 70070 using code ACLL14 (ACLL14 £15 sends £15; ACLL14 £30 sends £30 etc.)
3. Donate by card over the phone: 01248 351541
4. Donate by cheque (made payable to North Wales Wildlife Trust) by post: send to Alun & Chwiler Appeal, North Wales Wildlife Trust, 376 High Street, BANGOR, Gwynedd, LL57 1YE


Some part/all of your donations to this appeal could be used to make a Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment to a landfill operator to secure a grant through the Landfill Communities Fund.


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