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“Liking” and “Sharing” Underwater Wales

Posted: Monday 14th November 2016 by LivingSeas

Early Facebook post

Underwater Wales' social media presence has ideas on what floats your boats.


It’s interesting to see which posts get the most attention. 

Underwater Wales is on Facebook (and Twitter) and has been since almost the beginning of the project. Pestering friends to join, initially, to spread the word, the page is now taking on a life of its own. My usually daily input is now enhanced and many times eclipsed by additions from people locally, who happily share and comment about what they’ve seen, done, enjoyed. Plenty of the posts, have been showing what we’ve been up to at events across spring and summer. Afterwards, I feel like a child running home from an exciting day at school and desperate to tell everyone about it.


I’m still using the page to continue my on-the-job learning. Once I’ve found something or someone else has and shared, I get to do a bit of research and share snippets about the ecology of the animal/algae or history of the litter etc. These are the species info posts and recently we asked Grace, one of our volunteers, to add to them while we were away. What an excellent job she did, too and I think she enjoyed the reaction from the Underwater Wales community.

It’s interesting to see which posts get the most attention. Of course, posts about enigmatic marine mammals get a wealthy number of “likes” and “shares”. Especially so, recently, when we had a visit from a pod of Common dolphins with their beautiful yellow and grey, hourglass patterning. A video was shared of them feeding in the Menai strait and I think Ann, who shared it, spent the whole day discussing it and the experience of seeing them, online. 


Our “Picnic with a Porpoise” events also go down well, especially this year, when our second trip out with the Anglesey Branch of the North Wales Wildlife Trust, I remembered I had the ability to video using my phone. Single-handedly managing to both avoid being dragged over a cliff whilst filming three porpoises and getting the dangerous, cliff-sweeping culprit on film too (a foot-high hound, blindly dragging a human-height gorse bush to its owners). It’s all there on the Facebook page!!  



However, the next highest reactions are usually with the beach cleans. Since our Facebook page lies within the third prong of the Underwater Wales Project “Love - Underwater Wales”, this is, indeed, encouraging. Our aim is to help people discover, then explore and finally act to help our coastal wildlife and, certainly, beach cleans are a vital aspect of coastal conservation, both in clearing harmful debris, but also in raising awareness. Since we began with the Conwy branch’s Great British Beach Clean (GBBC) survey at Penmaenmawr and their move to a beachwatch quarterly survey at Colwyn bay, we’ve noticed the pictures of people out there doing their bit for our coasts gets a really positive response. Our GBBC events this year at Prestatyn and Barmouth were no different and between them the post-event pictures had over 2,000 views.


There’s plenty more to be done, but we’re enjoying our Facebook community. Hope you are. You can join in, comment, like, share and be a part of this growing community, learning about the seas around North Wales.




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