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Wild about Mold

River Alyn clean up with the Wild About Mold project (c) Flintshire Leader

Wildlife heroes wanted

There is an abundance of wildlife in Mold and the local area, but it is suffering  because of a lack of connectivity between habitats and because people feel increasingly separated from nature. We are offering opportunities that get people more connected to nature through volunteering to help restore and create wildlife habitats.

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Why is connectivity important?

Wildlife creates the basis of our soils, water cycle, the air that we breathe and inspires people as well as helping our health and wellbeing.

However, it needs space to flourish and move, in response to threats to populations and also enable flow of genes. Hedgerows, areas of long grass and riverside corridors are all important features within the landscape for wildlife.

What are we doing?

We started working in the Alun and Chwiler Living Landscape area in 2014 to improve, restore and create habitat and connectivity for wildlife in the area. The Wild About Mold project focuses more on linking communities with wildlife and we need volunteers and landowners who want to help.

How you can help

No matter what size your space is, you can make a difference for wildlife.  You can take action at home, or you can come and help us to help wildlife in the landscape by volunteering with us. Feel the benefits of meeting new people, learning new skills, getting healthier and spending quality time outside, helping wildlife!

Create a connection

There is always something to be done for wildlife, learn more about wildlife gardening here.


Join in with WAM Wednesdays, feel the benefits of time spent outdoors with friendly fellow volunteers and help your local nature at the same time! 

Become a volunteer


The project is delivering a number of training workshops focused on survey skills, traditional skills such as dry stone walling and hedge laying, and habitat management such as scything, woodland management and more…