Llyn Brenig Osprey Update

Llyn Brenig Osprey Update


Update 11/06/2019

It has been a week of fishing and feeding, HR7 has been bringing in fish from both Llyn Brenig and elsewhere, and Blue24 feeding the chicks as well as herself. Until now HR7 has been taking the fish to the nest and then going onto the tree perch nearby but recently we noticed he sometimes stays on the nest edge with both birds feeding the chicks.

We’ve had our first glimpse of a chick, both HR7 and BLUE24 were on the nest edge and the very top of a third head was just about visible for a short time. Since then the weather has not been good and BLUE24 seems to be keeping them protected deep in the nest.

Every so often BLUE24 goes for a short fly around with HR7 watching over the nest and when she is out for a bit longer he goes onto the nest. Sometimes we see BLUE24 on a perch in the trees and having a bath at the water’s edge, just below the nest. HR7 is also seen bathing and splashing around in the same spot. BLUE24 has also been bringing twigs and sticks back to the nest.