Osprey Update 12/7/2019


Llyn Brenig Osprey update 12/7/2019

Llyn Brenig Osprey update 12/07/2019

Blue24 and HR7 have been flying around the nest together more and more frequently. KA5 (Roli) is doing a lot of wing stretching and flapping.

Wednesday afternoon up at the lake was just spectacular, we couldn’t take our eyes off the scopes. HR7 kept flying around the nest, then landing back on it again where he would flap his wings before flying above the nest and then back down onto it again. He did this several times and then Blue 24 joined in and they flew around circling the nest together. A very special thing to see.

By mid afternoon HR7 and Blue24 were each side of KA5 (Roli) on the nest. HR7 would then open his wings and start flapping, every so often Blue24 would take off and fly around the nest centre, with HR7 joining her now and again. A little later HR7 left the nest and whilst he was gone KA5 (Roli) started flapping his wings. Blue 24 then left the nest and sat on a very close by tree perch and watched KA5 (Roli).

Then it happened……………..

KA5(Roli) was helicoptering, leaving the nest vertically and then back down again. After a couple of these he must have been tired as he disappeared back down into the nest.   Da iawn Roli.

Your welcome to see these amazing displays yourself. Our scopes will up at Llyn Brenig throughout the season, check the North Wales Wildlife Trusts Llyn Brenig/events page for more details.

On the 15/7/2019 we will be doing an Osprey Talk at Plas-Y-Brenin, Capel Curig start at 19.45pm. https://www.pyb.co.uk/events/#sian-sykes-adventure-with-a-purpose

As well as the Ospreys we see an amazing wealth of other wildlife up at Llyn Brenig with our reserve of Gors Maen Llwyd on the north shore of the lake it creates a great habitat for many species of mammals and birds, with otters spotted on the shores and over 50 species of birds seen over the past few months. As I am sat writing this I am watching a juvenile woodpecker ion one of the feeders opposite our viewing point.