Llyn Brenig Osprey Update

Llyn Brenig Osprey Update

Blue 24 ©Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

Update 4/06/2019

We can’t see into the nest but watching the behaviour of BLUE24 and HR7 it looks as though there are at least 2 chicks. The main indications that the eggs hatched are increased nest activity, BLUE24 being very agitated on the nest, HR7 bringing in more fish and photographic evidence of feeding deep down into the nest. We believe the first chick came either late on Saturday 25th May or early on Sunday 26th, followed by the second chick on Monday 27th and possibly the third on Wednesday 29th

Since the 29th May we have watched HR7 bring in a good number of fish from Llyn Brenig and further afield. It is quite an experience watching HR7 fish on Llyn Brenig, we have seen him catch a fish and bring it back to the nest in just seconds, you have to be quick, blink and you miss it. We see BLUE24’s head bobbing up and down as she tears off pieces of fish and feeds the chicks.

BLUE24 is also leaving the nest more, just flying around the nest area with HR7 watching from his perch sometimes going onto the nest if she has a longer fly around. BLUE24 has been bringing twigs and sticks back to the nest with some rearranging going on.